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Robotina is a platform that focuses on providing and developing technology systems that combine Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to create a system that can reduce the burden of electricity consumption into a lower and environmentally friendly. By using Robotina, users can directly reduce the electrical load they use and the opportunity to obtain a ROX token that is designed to be used by users to transact or exchange on the exchange. Robotina aims to create a technology system in which the burden or consumption of electricity can be reduced and the user will benefit from it.

Getting Started Development

Robotina is developed using a system of directly integrated and reliable resources that enable the creation of a technology system that minimizes overall load or electricity consumption. Because as it is known that the current use of electrical energy globally has reached 20,000 TWh, which requires a variety of natural resources in operation. Robotina realizes that this If forwarded will have an impact on the environment and the future of the world, should have developed a system in which will regulate and minimize the use of electricity today. Robotina is here to answer this problem, with more than 28 years of experience in providing services to households and businesses, Robotina minimizes the cost and power consumption by using the current renewable technology. The system developed by Robotina can save more than 10 to 20% of energy by using renewable technology. Robotina aims to create an ecosystem in which it will collaborate and synergize to save electricity consumption and get some incentives from it. Robotina incorporates Internet of Things technology, power platform, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to minimize overall load and power consumption. The system runs directly using cloud technology which directly secures and guarantees all activities performed by the system running smoothly and securely. Some important points of Robotina that need to be considered by the user include:

  • Internet Of Things
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Efficient battery storage
  • Cloud computing and big data

Regarding the implementation of the technology listed above will be directly explained on the bottom.


Robotina implements the Internet of Things technology in the system it develops. IoT allows direct connection and communication between objects and processes the entire system and data through an interconnected chain. IoT has several Components in it like, People, Things, Data, and Processes. The system is directly connected by using the internet as its foundation and allows people or objects to having the ability to feel, decide and act.


Using Blockchain and smart-contract technology helps Robotina to provide tokens to users under the name Robotina Utility Token or abbreviated as ROX. By using blockchain technology, enables every transaction to run safely and quickly. Robotina directly implements this technology into all transactions carried out within the Platform, which will provide a variety of benefits.


Artificial Intelligence enables further development and better optimization of every process performed by the system. Using this system provides a wide range of advantages within the energy industry, which will help to predict the use or consumption of energy used.


Battery storage enables greater efficiency for better and safer energy storage. Using this technology enables cost reduction and is one of the best solutions for temporary energy storage.


Robotina uses Cloud application technology which will help to develop, experiment, and implement the exchange of data directly from artificial intelligence and algorithms that run as supporters. All data will be directly processed and stored quickly and securely. Some features will be provided by technologies such as Collecting and aggregating live-stream data, Producing data analytics and visualizations of data, Triggers alarms and alerts, and so on.

Features of Robotina.

Robotina provides several features which will allow users to be able to manage in accessing services provided by Robotina. Some of these features include;

  • WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATION, enables users to monitor and control their own hardware. By using this feature users can instantly know energy consumption, energy cost charges, receive notifications and alarms, and more.
  • ROBOTINA PLATFORM MARKETPLACE allows users to directly purchase and sell a wide range of hardware or software and gain direct access to trade, sales data, Cooperative, Business and social.
  • BROKERS, enabling automatic online negotiations with businesses and other players outside the Robotina Platform.
  • COMMUNITY BOOK, is a social networking service provided by Robotina users, allowing users to directly share things with other users.
  • SHARING AND COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY MODEL allows users to directly collaborate and join other users to increase bargaining power when buying or selling energy on the Robotina Platform.

About the features and other benefits, you can read directly through the whitepaper provided at the end of this article.


Robotina provides a cryptocurrency called ROX Token, which can be used by users as a means of payment or proof of their contribution in programs run by Robotina. This token runs on an ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain system with a Smart-contract system. This token enables users and investors to benefit from an increase in the price of tokens that can be directly redeemed at exchanges. Users also have the opportunity to obtain ROX tokens through their contributions within the Robotina platform.

In Conclusion

Robotina realizes that at this time needed a technology system which will minimize consumption or expense burden for electricity needs and other problems related to the use of electricity in everyday life. Robotina provides a variety of features and technology systems which will minimize the cost and power consumption used every day. Robotina also helps the energy trading system and makes it smarter again using the help of renewable technology today. Robotina focuses on providing technological systems that will help the wider community to reduce the burden of electricity costs and consumption they are using, and help the use of natural resources which will help save the world.


With this opportunity, Robotina invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Robotina will release the Token under the name “ROX Token”, here is the data.


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