XYO Network – Blockchain Just Entered The Real World.


XYO Network is a blockchain’s first crypto-location oracle network, which will directly ensure the accuracy and provision of data related to location information as requested. XYO Network combines blockchain technology and real-world data collection into systems that are directly integrated to provide more relevant and accurate data. XYO Network allows Smart-contract developers to directly connect and interact with the real world just like using the API. XYO Network is the first oracle protocol that allows two parties to connect directly without the use of a centralized third party.

Getting Started Development

XYO Network was developed using a system that directly integrates and reliable resources, which supports the creation of a crypto-location oracle network that provides more accurate and reliable data location data. XYO Network has developed Bluetooth and GPS devices which can be used by users to track goods or anything else that users want to track. This location tracking system is very smart, users can see directly and know the location of the items they want to track in detail via smartphone. With such a system, within 6 years XYO Network has successfully become the largest provider and developer of Bluetooth and GPS networks in the world. XYO Network aims to provide a service which will result in higher data accuracy as well as decentralized systems which will be transparent and verifiable by the user. XYO Network has four main components such as Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners, regarding these 4 components will be directly explained on the bottom.

Sentinels, location witnesses.

This component has a function which will be an on-site observer or witness, which will directly guarantee the certainty and accuracy of the data that has been observed by producing the provisional ledger. Sentinels will be given a number of incentives related to information gathering and the honesty of location information that has been provided. These incentives are XYO tokens and will be provided when the information is used to answer questions.

Bridges, location data transcribers.

This component is a bridge that will bridge the process of moving location data from Sentinels to Archivists safely. This Process Requires the trust of the Archivist, which is where they believe that the ledger received by Bridges has not been altered at all. Bridges will directly get a number of tokens related to the functionality they run.

Archivists, store location information.

This component is the storage of all information from Bridges in a decentralized form, with the aim of storing the entire ledger. Archivists index the entire ledger, so when it takes a series of data it can be directly restored. Like Sentinels and Bridges, Archivists also get token related to the function they run.

Diviners, fetch the most accurate data.

This is the last component on XYO Network, which is where to set and retrieve the most accurate data related to requests from XYO Network. Diviners work by using the highest accuracy/concrete scoring system and then determine the highest score in a short time than then relay the data to the query issuer.

XYO Network Components Get Rewarded for Their Work

All components involved in the XYO Network Platform will be awarded a number of incentives in the form of token related to the work and functions they perform.
Several other functions and advantages can be read directly to the available Whitepaper at the end of this article.

In Conclusion

XYO Network will directly provide users a crypto-location oracle network that will ensure the accuracy of data requested by the system, and provide the best results according to the point of location. XYO Network believes that with a system that has been designed in such a way, XYO Network can be the first crypto-location oracle network that will become the market leader.


With this opportunity, XYO Network invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. XYO Network will release the Token under the name “XYO Token”, here is the data.




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