Krosscoin – Universal APP Monetization Platform


Krosscoin is a platform that focuses on providing and developing universal applications to monetize every functional component of apps developed by developers. Krosscoin introduced a system called the consumption-based token framework, which allows every application to be monetized by developers from every platform. Krosscoin aims to create an application system that allows developers to be able to monetize apps that they design and benefit their users.

Getting Started Development

Krosscoin is developed using a system of directly integrated and reliable resources, which enables the creation of a monetization application service that can be used universally across multiple platforms. The Krosscoin system eliminates the adoption barriers inherent in a one-time cost and subscription license, with systems like these allowing developers to focus on providing better application services to users. With API functionality, it enables better and sustainable monetization system integration using the token ks provided by Krosscoin. Regarding the business model, advantages, and features offered by Krosscoin will be explained at the bottom.

Business Model.

Krosscoin has a business model that allows developers to be able to monetize apps they develop, making it more profitable for their users. Some other business models provided by Krosscoin include;

  • Revenue Generating Apps, an app that has been integrated directly with iOS / Android, which is embedded with KSS monetization function and ready for launch
  • Open Monetization Platform, Krosscoin provides an API that enables application developers to access the decentralized monetization framework directly.
  • Atomic Swap for Token Storage, Krosscoin provides a feature where users can directly store their own KSS tokens in an alternative currency without going through an exchange.

    Features and Benefits

    Krosscoin has several features and benefits for the user, such as a decentralized system that allows users to transact safely, conveniently, and without data manipulation such as centralized systems. Some other features and advantages to be gained in using Krosscoin services, among others, are;

    • Blockchain, Krosscoin is designed using the Ethereum Blockchain system and the ERC20-based digital Wallet.
    • Cross platform, with API functions provided by Krosscoin enabling the integration and use of cross platform services.
    • Consumption-based Monetization, a monetation system developed by Krosscoin allows applications to be able to manage consumption or fees in KSS.
    • Multi-Platform Ecosystem, this system allows applications to exchange values ​​with applications and other digital assets.

      And other features that will continue to be developed to maximize the user experience in using Krosscoin services.

      In Conclusion

      Krosscoin will be a renewable solution related to monetization services, by integrating a KSS token into a monetization system of apps developed by the developer. The API features provided by Krosscoin allow the monetary system to be directly usable across platforms like Android or iOS and further maximize the functionality and services of apps developed by developers. Krosscoin believes that with its systematic and professional development, Krosscoin can provide users with a powerful and smarter monetization service, and benefit more users.


      With this opportunity, Krosscoin invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Krosscoin will release the Token under the name “KSS Token”, here is the data. 



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