Invox – a Decentralized Invoice Financing Solution for a Connected World


Invox is a platform that focuses on providing and developing financial services that provide a renewable solution related to invoice financing using a decentralized system. Invox provides a more transparent and reliable financial system for users, using Blockchain technology. Invox aims to create a better and safer Invoice Financing system for users.

Getting Started Development

Invox is developed using a system of directly integrated and reliable resources, which supports the creation of a more intelligent and reliable invoice financing system for the user. Invox provides a solution that enables the creation of an ecosystem, where sellers, buyers, and investors are in one place and interconnected to share information safely using P2P networks. Invox enables a better and transparent relationship between users and maximizes the efficiency of the service. Invox will directly become a solution related to the problems faced by current users in using invoice financing services, such as high-cost charges, invoices, difficult communication between parties, and others. Invox will provide a system that will support and meet user needs such as lower cost, unlimited expenses, dynamic invoices, and other benefits that users will gain in using Invox services. Invox designed the Platform to run on a transparent and secure system, which will increase trust between parties or other stakeholders. Invox is supported directly by the Invox token, which will be the payment and development support tool for the Invox Platform. As it is known that the current global market for Invoice financing has increased significantly over time, and a system is needed which will address the problems faced by current users and make the Invoice financing system run better and more efficiently.

The Invox Finance Model, disrupt and revolutionize traditional Invoice Financing.

Invox will provide a service that will become a revolutionary model of today’s invoice financing system. Invox directly implements P2P networks on its services and connects businesses with investors interested in the invoices they sell. Invox provides several features which will help users to get the best results, such as;

  • Decentralized platforms, with such systems, allow buyers, sellers, and investors to connect directly to the safe and more transparent.
  • Connected directly to Investor, a seller can be directly connected to an investor in a P2P network.
  • Low cost, the rate that will be charged by Invox is cheaper than a traditional financier.

And some other features that can be accessed by users within the Invox Platform.

Invox token, a token of Invox.

Invox provides a token called Invox token, which will be a payment tool inside the Invox Platform. This token uses an ERC-20 system with an Ethereum Network base, which is safe for users to use in their transactional activities. The system will directly provide a reward for tokens to sellers and buyers for verification and invoice payment.

Ledgers and Smart contracts.

Invox uses a smart-contract system, which will make the system provided by Invox run more transparently. Smart-contracts will be directly implemented on some service functionality, such as access, interaction, legal, and token. Some of the advantages to be gained in using the smart-contract system include;

  • Transparent, users can directly view transactions they do in the blockchain ledger.
  • More minimal risk, every transaction made by the user will be directly recorded and recorded in blockchain ledger, thus minimizing the risk of data manipulation.
  • Decentralized, the system will run with decentralization, which will be much more transparent compared to centralized systems.

And other benefits to be gained in smart-contract implementation.

Dynamic Invoice Smart Contracts.

All invoices produced will be directly verified and stored in the ledger which will store and share more relevant information related to invoices. Invox will maintain the privacy and privacy of users, such as business name, business number and other matters related to user privacy. All user data will be stored securely on the Blockchain-based network, so irresponsible parties cannot break the data from the user. Invox also ensures the problems faced by users will be resolved appropriately and fairly by using a mediator or court, using evidence stored in Blockchain’s ledger. Dynamic invoice smart contracts have several advantages, such as;

  • Safer storage which does not allow for data manipulation.
  • Easier to use
  • Lower costs and users can get cheaper debtor insurance.
  • Safe reporting system.
  • Can be integrated directly with other software.
  • Data that can be integrated directly.
  • The more minimal cost of implementation.

In Conclusion

Invox recognizes that there are some problems faced by users in using the Invoice Financing service, such as the high-cost burden of the lack of service transparency. In addition, the global Invoice Financing market is currently experiencing significant improvements over time, and it is time for a more reliable and intelligent Invoice Financing system. Invox will be a renewable solution related to the current Invoice Financing service, using revolutionary and decentralized technology, which will provide users with a more transparent, secure, reliable and easier to use Invoice Financing service.


With this opportunity, Invox invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Invox will release the Token under the name “INVOX Token”, here is the data.

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