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YouToken is a Platform that allows individuals or entrepreneurs to convert their own intelligence to digital assets that can be used to develop business ideas or projects they are running. YouToken allows investors to directly invest their funds into business ideas or projects owned by other users. YouToken runs using Blockchain technology, which will be transparent and safe for users. YouToken aims to provide individuals, entrepreneurs, and investors a Blockchain-based crowdfunding service that is safe, smarter and more profitable.

Getting Started Development

YouToken is developed using a directly integrated system, which supports the creation of a more reliable and better crowdfunding platform for users. YouToken provides an access to entrepreneurship that can be accessed and used by the public and more profitable for investors. YouToken allows individuals or companies to directly convert their own intelligence to digital assets into tokens, which can be traded easily through the YouToken Platform. This system helps entrepreneurs and investors to establish better relationships through the crypto token. Individuals or entrepreneurs can directly offer their ideas or self in the YouToken Platform, and investors can directly contribute in the form of funds to projects that promise to them. As we know that crypto and blockchain market is now experiencing significant improvement over time, and a renewable system is needed to manage and utilize this market. YouToken will directly take advantage of this opportunity, by entering the crowdfunding industry, which is currently valued at $ 96 billion / year by 2025. YouToken will create a simpler and more stable crowdfunding system to use, such as stabilizing connections between traditional businesses and Blockchain technology to simplify crowdfunding processes by removing paperwork and other legal entities.

Customer Journey, a journey to success.

The first time in using the service YouToken, the user will be submitted 2 options as an investor or entrepreneur. Users only need to select one and fill in the data provided and then can use the service YouToken. Upon completion of the registration process, users enrolling as entrepreneurs can directly upload their ideas or projects to the YouToken Marketplace. If a user who registered as an investor, then the user can go to the YouToken Marketplace section then find a project that is considered profitable for them. Users who register as entrepreneurs are required to submit a copy of their original identity and ethereum address, and then they can register their idea or project. Some features in this service include;

  • Donation / Sponsorship, investors interested in a project can directly purchase tokens released by the creators.
    • Debt, is a party that lends their funds to entrepreneurs and expects capital plus interest that they lend can come back.
  • Revenue Share, is a fund-raising system with revenue sharing in business.
  • Equity, is a fundraising system by selling interest in the company.

With a system like this, the individual or company can directly get funding from the investors.

YTN and YTN_creatorname

YouToken provides 2 types of tokens that can be used by users, both tokens have the name YTN Token and YTN_creatorname. Both tokens have different functions, here are the differences between these two tokens;

  • YTN, used as a token representing the platform as a whole.
  • YTN_creatorname, is a token issued by each entrepreneur or individual.

Both tokens have an ERC 20 system, which will be very safe for user-initiated transactions.

In Conclusion

YouToken sees great opportunities in the crowdfunding industry today, and with professional experience and team, YouToken presents a crowdfunding Platform, which will be more reliable and smarter. YouToken will be a solution related to the financing required by individuals or entrepreneurs who need funding, and YouToken will be an opportunity for investors to contribute early to a service that will grow and succeed like Apple or Amazon next.


With this opportunity, YouToken invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. YouToken will release the Token under the name “YTN Token”, here is the data. 



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