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Buy & Sell is a platform that focuses on providing and developing an international online classified website which will include personal and business ads about services and services within a secure network. Buy & Sell allows users to find goods and services and buy them directly using tokens provided by Buy & Sell. Buy & Sell aims to create an online classified website where it can be used by users with more secure, reliable and more intelligent.

Getting Started Development

Buy & Sell is developed by a team of reliable and professional, which supports the creation of an online classified website based on Blockhchain technology that is safe and easy to use. As it is known that the current global market for classified websites has reached $ 18 billion and will continue to increase. But there are problems faced by current users, such as fraud to the lack of transparency of the services provided to individual problems for the user. Buy & Sell will be a solution related to the problems faced by users, using Blockchain technology which will be very secure and transparent for users. Some of the benefits to be gained by users in using Buy & Sell services include:

  • Users can freely publish their goods and services globally.
  • more minimal cost.
  • Seller and buyer can be directly connected.

And many other benefits to be gained by users in using Buy & Sell services.

Blockchain Technology.

Buy & Sell uses Blockchain technology, which enables the creation of a faster and safer flow of transactions. Some of the advantages of using Blockchain Technology include:

  • A more secure and transparent network because it does not require a third party and the whole process will run with a decentralized system, eliminating the single administrator which is not transparent and prone to data manipulation.
  • Safer and free storage of data.
  • Certificate that will ensure the authenticity of the goods.
  • Copyright for more protected goods and services.
  • DNS System

And many other advantages in using Blockchain technology. Transactions to be performed by users will be recorded and stored in Blockchain’s ledger. Users do not have to worry about the data they have, because Buy & Sell will directly encrypt user data, so unauthorized parties can not access user data.

Artificial Intelligence

Buy & Sell uses the AI ​​system, which will attract potential customers and offer them more relevant ads according to their interests. The AI ​​system is designed using a variety of logical reasoning that takes high-level mental processes as the impelemtation of the program and provides users with a more relevant and relevant user-generated ad results.


Buy & Sell provides a token called BAS token, which enables users to transact and make payments on the goods and services they are interested in within the Buy & Sell Platform safely and quickly. All transactions made using BAS token will only be charged a minimal fee and a faster process. Investors can directly contribute to the ICO program to obtain a BAS token at a cheaper price.

In Conclusion

Buy & Sell is aware that global market developments for classified websites are now experiencing significant improvements, but the limited features and lack of security systems make it hard for users to be able to use services more easily and safely. Buy & Sell will be a renewable solution related to the problems faced by users, by providing a reliable, transparent, and smarter classified websites service.


With this opportunity, Buy & Sell invite you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Buy & Sell will release the Token under the name “BAS Token”, here is the data.



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