Votem – Voting For a Mobile World


Votem is a platform that focuses on providing and developing online voting services, enabling the public to be able to vote online easily, safely and transparently. Votem uses Blockchain technology as the basis of its development, which is where it is known that technology enables the creation of a transparent and lower ecosystem within the company’s cost burden. Votem intends to provide the widest possible access for the wider community to use online voting services and make it more revolutionary and smarter.


Getting Started Development

Votem is developed using professional and reliable resources and teams, enabling the creation of a secure and transparent online voting ecosystem for users. Votem provides an online voting service, which is smarter to the user, combining a system that has been designed in such a way with today’s revolutionary Blockchain technology. Votem intends to provide an online voting service, which can be used online by the public and more secure from crimes such as, data manipulation or non-transparent data provided by related services. Because as it is known that at this time, not transparent a voting service becomes a problem faced by the wider community. The voting system is known to be the most democratic system today, yet many parties manipulate data and make a vote system undemocratic and prone to crime. Votem realizes that this is a matter of concern, and with various issues related to voting services, Votem presents a secure and transparent online voting service for users. Votem presents all intelligent solutions related to the vote system. The professional Votem Team develops an electronic system which will provide a voting system that will secure and verify the data vote that has been created. Using such a system, Votem presents an online voting service that will minimize data fraud and create a privacy against all data.


CastIron, Mobile voting Platform for everyone.

Votem combine online voting services with applications that users can use through their own smartphones. With this smart solution, Votem will instantly present an online voting service that individuals, companies, organizations and many others can use to make voice, safe and transparent voice services. By using this application, users can directly verify and manage the vote program they create or they follow. This application runs using Blockchain technology which will be directly related to the VAST token provided by Votem.

VAST Token, Votem-supported token.

VAST tokens are tokens provided by Votem, which will run on the EIP-20 system, which will have the function of enhancing the efficiency of the voting system and making it more private. This token will directly support CastIron Platform, which will store all created data into secure and transparent Blockchain technology. This token supports the system 1 token = Voter, where 1 token given by the user to a voting program will be intended with 1 user, the system will be verified first and cannot be manipulated. Each generated token will be secured by using a system that is directly encrypted, allowing the token to be used with an anonymous system.

Votem, the vision to be achieved.

Votem will directly present an online voting service, which can be used by everyone to contribute as well as grant their suffrage for a common purpose. The votem will run with a highly transparent system, in which a third party can directly verify the data or user-generated tokens, with a system like this Votem will make a voting system unable to allow data manipulation or other crimes. Votem presents an online voice service using Blockchain technology, which will present a secure, transparent, and easy-to-use voting system. Votem is also working with various parties in different parts of the world, to align and integrate regulations from each region to support the Votem Platform.


In Conclusion

Votem aims to present an online voting service, which the public can contribute to a program in a safe, transparent and easy to use manner, without worrying about the data they generate will be manipulated by irresponsible parties. Votem believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, Votem can provide Users with a secure and transparent online vote service, and provide users with various advantages and convenience in choosing or granting their voting rights to a program. Votem Team also believes that with systematic and professional development, Votem Team can build a better Platform compared to similar platforms.





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