Aeternum – ICO World’s First Science and Intellectual Property Driven


Aeternum is a Platform that aims to create and develop an investment service, where people can invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. Aeternum uses a renewable Blockchain technology in its development, which will provide users with a reliable and smarter investment service. Aeternum creates an investment service, in which the public can invest more safely, transparently, and more profitably.

Getting Started Development

Aeternum was created with contributions from various experienced and professional parties, who collaborated in creating a better and more reliable investment service. Blockchain technology is chosen as the foundation of the Platform, which as it is known is very safe and transparent for users. Aeternum provides an investment service, in which the public can directly invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world, as well as gain a more significant advantage of the increase in token prices provided by Aeternum.

Aeternum recognizes that there are many issues related to funding and a venue for discoveries discovered and developed by Scientists. Currently, there are not many investment services that focus on providing investment in intellectual property rights of scientists. If we find an investment service as intended, there will be many loopholes or no transparency of the funds we invest, so problems like this will hamper development in the funding of a project from many scientists. Aeternum is here to address the issues currently faced in funding and investment in the research and intellectual property rights of scientists. Aeternum provides the widest possible access for people to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists. Users can directly access the investment services provided by Aeternum through their own smartphones, with this way users will be able to directly view the set of investment projects they have selected.


Aeternum uses Blockchain technology to deliver a transparent and secure investment service for users. As it is known that Blockchain technology will minimize system error and lower the cost of expenses incurred. By using this technology, any transaction made by the user will run faster and more secure. The system from Blockchain allows Aeternum to run better and more minimally at the expense of the company’s expenses incurred. In addition to using technology from Blockchain, Aeternum if using a smart contract system, which will serve as a tool that will ensure quality for individuals or companies who want to join the Aeternum Platform.

Aeternum will run by using a token named ALF, which serves as a proof that will ensure that users are included in the section of Aeternum members. Users can directly use their own tokens to sell proof of their membership from apps provided or from exchanges. This token can also be used as a contribution from users who follow the ICO program launched by Aeternum Platform.

BitLats, cryptocurrency supported by Aeternum.

Aeternum uses a cryptocurrency under the name BitLats, which functions directly to support investment activities of the Company supported by the Aeternum Fund. By using this cryptocurrency, companies directly related to investment activities launched by Aeternum will be able to directly go out by buying shares from BitLats. BitLats also supports features such as;

  1. As an individual proof, which will allow users to gain access back into their account if they lose access to the accounts they own.
  2. As proof of payment has been made by the user
  3. As a means of payment that can be used to transact or shop.

Aeternum advance directly incorporates BitLats into service exchanges, to ensure that users can trade their own BitLats.

Finance App, application for Aeternum Ecosystem.

Aeternum provides an application, which will allow users to be able to store and manage their own data quickly and easily. This app is directly designed to be a place where users can directly digital assets or related services they want to use. By using this application, the user will be able to directly use various types of services such as transact, asset management, exchanges, etc.

Digital wallet, the wallet that supports various platforms.

Aeternum directly designs a digital wallet is provided to store many popular cryptocurrencies today in one place safely and easily. Users can easily store cryptocurrency that they have, in one place without difficult to set a lot of wallets. The digital wallet provided by Aeternum supports any kind of Platform and integrates it in one place.

Smart City, Intelligent Ecosystem from Aeternum.

The Aeternum ecosystem not only supports investment services, exchanges, and other smart services, Aeternum also provides a Smart City concept that has been designed in such a way as to provide a smart and high tech living environment. The Aeternum Foundation will create an intelligent environment where people can directly meet, develop and research with various experts working with Aeternum. The concept of Smart City will be built in the area of ​​Freeport of Ventspils, which has an area of ​​30 hectares, which is divided into several zones, such as smart business and industry.

In Conclusion

Aeternum not only leads an investment service where people can invest in intellectual property rights of scientists, but Aeternum presents an intelligent ecosystem that will support various services that will benefit users as well as provide users with a variety of intelligent solutions within an Aeternum Ecosystem. Aeternum believes that with a team and a solid and reliable system, Aeternum can provide Users with a safe and transparent intelligent investment and ecosystem services. Team Aeternum also believes that with a systematic and professional development, Team Aeternum can build a better platform than similar platforms.



With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “ALF Token”, here is the data.







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