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When you intend to build, expand or improve the parts of your home or office, you will immediately find a contractor that suits your budget, and look for references directly to the right contractor on the Google or Yelp search engine. But surely you will be wondering about the cost to be incurred, the details of the positive information or reviews they offer you, where did they get it from? is it appropriate? whether the information or reviews provided by other users are so true or just a fake review ?, so you will be confused by the number of bid prices you see and in the end you make a wrong decision, by paying a nominal amount of money, when you can get the price which is less than the price of the offer. Not transparent in some ways makes these platforms unreliable to recruit contractors from the platform. It could be that the high price you get is the cost of advertising they are charged to you, and if so this is not good.

Getting Started Development

We began to realize this as a serious problem, and started trying to build a platform that connects you with many contractors, which are certainly more transparent in terms of price and information they provide. All these things can be realized by using Blockchain technology which is a renewable technology in today’s technology world.


We designed this platform to run using blockchain technology as the basis for our platform development. Because from the first appearance, blockchain comes with the offer of fast and secure online transactions and supports all types of data and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, where every transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, so transaction security and transparency can be maintained and reduce the chance of cheating data.

Reasons We Choose Blockchain

We prefer to use blockchain technology, because this technology is more secure than the usual technology today. Unlike conventional technology, blockchain technology does not require a third party, so it’s safer and cost-effective. And blockchain technology is more minimal system error, so this technology is better and reliable. We will build Bob Apps on STEEM blockchain, which will consist of sophisticated iOS, Android and web apps.


This app will use Blockchain technology to address fake review issues by other users. This application will store all financial transactions that occur on Blockchain technology that we have designed in such a way. When a transaction occurs between the customer and the contractor, the user leaves the review, and the system will automatically link the review to the actual financial transaction. With a system like this, we will present the actual data in accordance with the actual financial transaction, so the consumer can trust that the review is real and unchanged.

How does it work?

We will provide detailed data to users at a transparent price in accordance with actual data already recorded on the blockchain system. Each review will provide detailed service costs such as material and labor costs.


Consumers will be able to find prices and reviews easily on the system we have provided, so users are not difficult to determine the choice. With this transparency, we believe it will lower prices and cope with rising costs.

Advertising in Bob’s Repair

Bob’s Repair will have no advertising from contractors who contribute to it. Instead, we will create a better system by providing upvoting features, flagging posts, and user ratings so that if the contractor has more positive reviews already verified, then the attendance rate is more significant than that of other contractors. Thus our platform can eliminate the burden of hidden advertising costs.

Escrow Service

Any transactions performed on this platform will be protected by the Escrow Services, backed by smart contracts to ensure that all parties are protected in the transactions they perform. The escrow system will validate every transaction, if the transaction is successfully processed, the contractor will be notified that payment has been received by Escrow.

In conclusion

We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is the most important part of it, and we believe with the experience that we already have, we can build a platform that is safer and better than similar platforms.



With this opportunity, we invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “BOB Token”, here is the data.

•  Name: BOB Token 
•  Symbol : BOB 
•  Token price: 1 ETH = 6000 BOB Tokens
•  Pre-ICO Bonuses:
    ○ 0 - 2000 ETH collected: 30% bonus
    ○ 2000 - 3000 ETH collected: 25% bonus
    ○ 3000 - 4000 ETH collected: 23% bonus
    ○ 4500 - 6000 ETH collected: 20% bonus
•  Pre-ICO hard cap:  6,000 ETH
•  Hard cap (maximum amount to be collected during Pre-ICO and ICO): 30,000 ETH
•  Soft cap (if this amount is not collected, then money collected during the ICO is refunded) : 6,000 ETH
•  Pre-ICO start:  04 Jan 2018 
•  Pre-ICO end:  04 Feb 2018 or after collecting Pre-ICO hard cap 
•  Public offering (ICO):  TBD - Q1 2018 








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